Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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Captain's Log


"That which we do to serve the world last forever

that which we do to serve ourselves lasts only a brief moment" - North Star Man

In a month where all of our molecules have slowed from the intense cold that the north has given us, it is a miracle that I am still moving. My heartbeat goes on. Thump Thump Thump sending its pulse to the rest of the world. The rest of its world sends its pulse back to me, and we do the dance in this way every day.

My signal goes out to the whole, and I can tell it is being received. My signal goes to my head and it is lost there, forever reverberating in the hollows. My head has become an open breezeway with tiny slips of paper splashing around on the air, and if you picked a slip up you would find co-ordinates to a place that doesn't exist any longer.

So I re-direct my signal to the whole.

and with that I am peacing... and I don't mean that I am leaving. I am engaging in an act of peace. With you, right now! Whenever we have become foggy in this mission, and we have... the Generals and the Majors and the Privates and Captains confused by the swirling debris that make up the messy mundane... when we have become foggy, it is perhaps because we have been thinking of peace as a noun when it would be more appropriate to think of it as a verb.

I peace this eve upon


singing songs

that seem so old

they were made

upon the soul

I peace tonight upon my verse

blessing blessing every word

I peace tomorrow

morning sunshine

I peace your spirit

I peace your mind

Singing Off

Captain DeLight 


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