Monday, September 26, 2016

Culture Jam a.ka. Jam In Perpetuity (phase III)

From October 17-24 at what was once the Lundy's Lane United Church, the Perpetual Peace Project will be facilitating a seven day marathon.
The marathon, in the spirit of the jam, will be a co-creative adventure in synergy.   With music, art, dance and film all coalescing.  Along with healing arts, and what ever creative acts are brought about by the cosmos.

The Jam will kick off with opening ceremonies on Monday October 17th at 7 PM

A brief rundown:

Monday;   Opening Ceremonies/ PPP jam/ Potluck feast
Tuesday:  James Deurloo/ Rod Standish/ Road Waves
Wednesday:  TBA
Thursday:   Good Vibes Yoga / Ecstatic Dance
Friday:  Roadwaves/ Rod Standish
Saturday:  LiveStock Niagara Presents:
Sunday:   Meditation/ Trance music/ Electronic.

To follow the event on facebook:
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pearl by James Deurloo


Your pain is yours
And yours alone
But its brevity I see
One who pays the price
In life laid down
Is bound to be free
So to say I love you
Is no shallow thing
To find one who knows loneliness
Is cause to sing
By James Deurloo
Publisher: C.D. - 9:48 AM

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Canada Needs a New Vegetable

A surreal dream
We interviewed George Bush. We witnessed him eating some pulled pork and he let out a groan of ecstasy and started laughing like a child. That's what the news story was about. We got the whole thing on film. Later I took out a chefs knife and wiped it off on a curb. It became dull. I brought a silver platter to Bush and asked him if he wanted to try some Canadian kale. He looked at me, then he looked at the kale. Then he just grabbed a bunch with his hand and ate a mouthful.
After he was done, he said to me "I think Canada needs a new vegetable.".
Publisher: C.D. - 12:30 PM

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Captain's Log

"That which we do to serve the world last forever

that which we do to serve ourselves lasts only a brief moment" - North Star Man

In a month where all of our molecules have slowed from the intense cold that the north has given us, it is a miracle that I am still moving. My heartbeat goes on. Thump Thump Thump sending its pulse to the rest of the world. The rest of its world sends its pulse back to me, and we do the dance in this way every day.

My signal goes out to the whole, and I can tell it is being received. My signal goes to my head and it is lost there, forever reverberating in the hollows. My head has become an open breezeway with tiny slips of paper splashing around on the air, and if you picked a slip up you would find co-ordinates to a place that doesn't exist any longer.

So I re-direct my signal to the whole.

and with that I am peacing... and I don't mean that I am leaving. I am engaging in an act of peace. With you, right now! Whenever we have become foggy in this mission, and we have... the Generals and the Majors and the Privates and Captains confused by the swirling debris that make up the messy mundane... when we have become foggy, it is perhaps because we have been thinking of peace as a noun when it would be more appropriate to think of it as a verb.

I peace this eve upon


singing songs

that seem so old

they were made

upon the soul

I peace tonight upon my verse

blessing blessing every word

I peace tomorrow

morning sunshine

I peace your spirit

I peace your mind

Singing Off

Captain DeLight 
Publisher: C.D. - 11:23 AM

Captain's Log December 25

Captain's Log December 25, 2014
Darkness has descended upon this voyage
The ship has reached a junction
with the wobble we will see these days grow longer
giving berth to songs of light
Publisher: C.D. - 11:19 AM

Friday, January 30, 2015

Listen...Keep Listening

Listen...Keep Listening

(Shawn Kappukatt)

A few years pass and I'm feeling like getting back into meditation more consistently. I'm at the glen, not having the best meditation session in particular. Too many bugs. Can't find the right rock to sit on. I maybe get 10 minutes in before calling it quits. I do the same thing I always do. I listen.

I watch and listen to my body getting annoyed. As I get up and start back up the metal staircase I play a game with myself. I try to make every step meaningful. I try to become aware of every perception or sensation that arises, without conceptualization or judgment. Just awareness and letting go. I reflected on how has taken 14 billion years for this moment to happen. How special this moment is because I am a sentient being experiencing and passing through life on this rock in the apparent void of space! Actually not separate at all from the universe, rather a consciously aware piece of the universe inspecting itself. Reflecting on how organisms on earth are all family; we belong to the super organismic structure of DNA. Four building blocks re arranging and optimizing in different ways to get the variations of life we see. Reflections and different manifestations of self. And then all of a sudden I just stop holding on to distinguishing mental faculties. I basked in my pure naked awareness. My mind is blank. I am blissful. I actually start singing to the trees. I am suddenly compelled to acknowledge our tree cousins and thank them for allowing us to be here. It sounds silly but it is powerful and I am sober and very lucid. For a moment I have awoken from maya. The illusions that other people impose, and the perceptions that I impose melt away and I am awake. It dawns on me that I will only be in this human configuration for a while. Being human is a opportunity. We've experienced this before. I want to run home and laugh and share this with my family. It is wonderful. I have only allowed myself to experience this kind of mental state a few times after this experience and with varying degrees of intensity.

There are 2 main aspects of mind, Sem(ordinary mind)-That which discriminates and plans, ordinary thinking etc-appearances and perceptions which are relative.

The second aspect of mind is Rigpa, our true buddha nature which all things possess. It is pure cognizant awareness 'emptiness' as absolute.

Rigpa is the very nature of mind, the innermost essence which is absolutely always untouched by change and death. Primordial, pure, pristine awareness. Radiant and always awake. Other religions might call it God. supposedly its hiding in all of us, "enveloped and obscured by the mental flurry of thoughts and emotions".

Listen...keep listening...and perhaps the nature of mind will be revealed to you.
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