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Captain's Log December 25

Captain's Log December 25, 2014
Darkness has descended upon this voyage
The ship has reached a junction
with the wobble we will see these days grow longer
giving berth to songs of light
and the nights slinking away
like the bellows of the fan
as the accordion plays
breathes life into the notes
like the sun shine breathes
life into the world
and here is the start of that slow breathe into the word
I am speaking in a minor key
- dripping blue notes as I speak
my transmission's being leaked
I can sense they are watching me ---
since my release, since my release
I have been held captive by my own liberation
In darkness I have heard
the ringing of the gong
and awoken to my cell
I have been probed by the iron ring
drawing impurities from the seething steel
determined to be stoic and still with my pain
when it could have gone either way
my tears ran through my eyes
like water through a drain
a deeper
drawn into life
drawn face to face
with all the suffering states
of spite and rage
the burning wounds
the insults ground their salt into
the gentle sorrow
the sweeping wave
that washes through
in stillness
Oh darkness,
and all the mysteries that it houses
all those times i wish that I'd
asked for help
wounded pride into the shadows of the night
a taste of envy I know not how many times
has touched my bitter tongue
poison spell
drawn from my own well
the darkness
that slow simmer dances
on fields
of barren
breathe life oh night
your birth a love so bright
to "kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight" ---
Singing off,
Captain D.


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