Perpetual Peace Project

"Tesla met Beethoven and they came up with a plan to make musical
electricity if we start a current with our music instruments, we can fill the world with good energy" - Love Song of the Wasteland

It Began
“One day a while back, it was a summer day.  I was on Queen St.  In the distance, some blocks away, over the heat radiation I saw the silhouette of a giant, walking - no strolling- no striding... very gracefully strolling towards me.   It was Rod Standish, if I had to, I could tell that stroll from a kilometre away.  Rod, a man who once played guitar for over fifty hours straight and who has walked clear across Canada.  I stood under the high noon sun watching his approach. Just two cowboys at high noon in the Wild West, Rod says to me "Carl David, a jam in perpetuity" and I see it flash before me like this nebula exploding and there it is this infinite jam where musicians pass the sound wave like it's the Olympic torch.  Rod says to me "You think about that one" and then goes and turns and walks clear across Canada.    Sure enough the jam in perpetuity spins in my mind like a turning wheel, like the wheel that Nikola Tesla saw underneath the Niagara Falls that drew him nearer to the Falls.  Then I am drawn nearer to the Falls, and nearer and nearer and then it's like I'm standing under Niagara Falls and I'm getting hit by all the force of that tremendous mass of water flowing perpetually over the brink of Niagara and all I can hear is the thunderous roar of the water then that thunderous roar turns into the sound of a billion vibrations, and that current turns into particles and waves of sound and light and now instead of crushing me, the current is lifting me.  I'm lighter than a feather on the moon... I'm as light as, well, light. I float up and out from under the weight of a million drops of water and now I am a drop of water, a drop of mist, rising rising rising, I look around and all I see are a million other drops of mist rising rising and then the LIGHT! Light beams blazing through each drop of mist streaming through and coming out in colors, in rainbows, and then the LIGHT beams are coming for me and at first there is a tinge of fear, but then I accept, it hits and streams through me I take a deep breath and I expand and now I am the colors, the red, the orange, the yellow, the green, the blue the indigo (but who really says indigo) the violet purple I am the Rainbow, I am the LIGHT beam:::::::::: time stops, 9...so all that is left is just this moment, O, and it's just sooooo beautiful, my being (my light beam) wells up with joy, an overwhelming joy and the mist below me are tears of joy and it is so overwhelming up here (a double rainbow?  what does it mean!!!!???) a double rainbow! and then another rainbow and then another rainbow and then another rainbow and they're arching across the sky ever striving to be circles and they are circles, it's all end touching end brilliantly bright and lucid and here ... we... are... one... moment... one...circle... eternally bound in the interwoven fabric of LIGHT. “ - C.D. Onofrio

The Aim
The goal is to share and sustain in that highest most balanced state of being.  That there happiness, or light, or love, or call it what you will, that excited state of being where everything is its most alright.  That "yeah!" state.  That, this is good and the world is friendly kind of being.  That, "the world is friendly and I'm alright" sort of being.  That, life is a gift and I am an act of gratitude sort of being.  The, "we live together in this reality and let's measure our time in shared joy" sort of state.  The goal is that this generation and future generations live in a state of shared happiness.  The goal is to generate harmony through music and love.  

The theory being proposed is that we the people experience life through patterns of vibrations and that in essence, our being is a pattern of vibration.   Music, being a pattern of vibration, can facilitate felt experience.  Through our music, we can create patterns that facilitate a better life, a better quality of life.  To accomplish this we plan on playing music forever with the intention of creating a better world for future generations.  The jam, or musical conversation, will keep going indefinitely, infinitely.
Your music is creating a vibration that affects my music and our music is creating a vibration that affects their music and so on.  This is an acknowledgement that we are connected in a very real physical sense (see links to learn more about quantum physics).  

In recognition of our interconnection, the U.R. Me and the I Am U. have been created.  You Are Me is an Army of musical/artistic peacemakers.  I Am U.  is our place of study, the here and now, this state of being. Enlist and Register Here

Heart to Heart was recorded in two live sessions with over 20 performers involved.  The album contains snapshots of the spirit of the group.  The songs are given freely at thepeaceprojectors.bandcamp.com.