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It starts in the heart

Perpetual Peace Project (P.P.P.) was started as a platform for an endless musical jam and has since brought together numerous artists and musicians in a spirit of collaboration and spontaneous creation.  

It is a project that aims to build off music as the foundation for the way that we relate to each other and to pursue harmony in those relationships. In recognition of our interconnectedness, the U.R. ME and the I Am U. have been created.  U.R.ME are troops of musical and artistic peacemakers.  I Am U. is our place of study, the here and now, this state of being.
The happenings of the P.P.P. are always unique, consisting of moments of radical inclusiveness and spontaneous jams, as well as songs, stories, chants and dance. The organic nature of the group development has led to a fusion of elements of folk, roots, global, jam, funk, and tribal.  The ensemble blurs the boundaries of performance and invites the audience to join the jam, with instruments, dance or by listening.    An album of the songs was created in the same spirit.  

Heart to Heart was recorded in two live sessions with over 20 performers involved.  The album contains snapshots of the spirit of the group.  The songs are given freely at

The Perpetual Peace Project consists of a core of musicians/artists - Peace Projectors aiming to spread joy, peace and light globally through shared experiences and performances.  The group has toured nationally with Xavier Rudd in 2012 and has represented at many festivals throughout Ontario.  The other activities of the group consist of community work, water stewardship and educational work towards social justice issues.

For more information on the group and how to get involved go to:

The Prague Group, C.D. Onofrio
t: 289 990 5683      e:
Planet3 Communications, Joanne Smale
t: 289.296.6223  e: